• Deep domain expertise

  • The experience of having built start-ups into leading global businesses

  • Courage and belief to back your ambition

  • Honesty, hard-work and passion to stay with you along the journey

  • Help with finding follow-on investors & building world-class syndicates

  • An awesome office, the Singular team and full back-office support in the center of the action on Market Street in San Francisco

  • A dedicated recruiter, managing an exclusive network of over 100 top US execs, ready to join you as advisor, board member or VP.

We invest in ambitious European founders who are building Enabling Software that has the potential to be a global leader in its category, and believe the US is an important piece of their future commercial, funding or exit strategy.

As our name says, we look for a Singular attribute that gives you an unfair competitive advantage and that you have already got the product, user or sales traction that proves you can do a lot, with a little.

As founders ourselves, we appreciate the importance of a transparent process with genuinely honest feedback, no games. We promise to work exceptionally hard before, during and after we invest to ensure we are the best partners for you, bar none.

Bruce Hellman

Co-founder and CEO uMotif

“Working with Alastair turbo-charges any session or meeting, cutting through to get a laser focus on business value and what’s needed to make the difference. Ali brings real experience of having lived in the trenches, feeling what we’re feeling, rolling up sleeves to get things growing at scale and is not scared to invest when other investors are cautious. He brings extensive experience and also reflections from other entrepreneur’s journeys, to add real value in helping our business grow. He is the first person I’d send any great entrepreneur to talk with about how to build a big global business.”

Paul Sulyok

CEO & Founder, Green Man Gaming

“I’ve had the pleasure of having Ben on the Green Man Gaming Board for the last 6 years.  His experience and understanding of the challenges facing a high growth technology company, coupled with a straight talking approach have been a major contributing factor to the success of the company. If I were to start another tech business tomorrow, Ben would be the first non executive Director I would want on the Board.”

Jacqueline Lam

Founder and CEO Mihaibao

“Alastair leads by example. I am proud and honored to have him as our investor. He puts his heart and brain into the Mihaibao family, picking up calls during holidays, weekends and in the middle of the night. He cares.”

Richard Anson

Founder, Reevoo

“Ben has been an incredibly pro-active investor, helping in funding rounds, regularly opening up the network to help accelerate growth and during crunch moments being patient and supportive to find a way through.”

Paul Aitken

Founder & CEO Borro

Ben has been a very supportive investor for Borro since day one.  He has helped us to get through many of the good and challenging times that every early stage business faces.”

Emily Brooke

Founder & CEO Blaze

“I always prefer an investor whose been an entrepreneur, and this goes one stage beyond that.”

Alex Peretti

Founder & CEO Folioshack (sold to Bloomberg)

“Alastair’s network is everything really; access to expertise as well as clients and investors. An extended team that really works.”

Tim Spratt

Founder & CTO Permutive

“Alastair knows when he can and cannot help. In places where he cannot, he gets out of the way: investors who think they know something when they don’t (or dip their oar in more when their uncertainty increases) subtract serious value.”

Philipp Moehring


“I’m often shocked by how little connection there is from European investors to the US, and how little valuable connections are made by even relatively big name investors across the pond. Having one partner based in the bay area enables you to keep up really strong relationships, and the offices mean you can spend time in the US and actually connect with people there, not just go window shopping or do courtesy calls.”

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