Launching any business into a new market can be intimidating, even just the basics. The USA is no exception. Thankfully there are a bunch of people who have taken the time to provide founders with a host of useful, realistic and detailed information on the differences and difficulties of moving a European business to the USA.

We’ll be building an extensive library of our own but in the meantime, some of our friends have given us permission to use (steal) the best of their information and re-publish it. We’ll keep updating as we find more good credible information.

Summary? It’s expensive!!

Here’s Dan Glazer, globe-trotting lawyer at Wilson Sonsini, on managing the transition from Europe to the USA:

And here’s a veritable treasure-trove of information from Will Gibson of Octopus Ventures, who I’m on the board of Permutive with, and has just moved to NYC…

Now all this information is very useful as background, but the first and foremost questions you should be asking yourself as founder of a start-up who you want to take to the USA or raise money from investors there, are “Why the hell am I doing this anyway?” and “How do I do it successfully, and when should I go??” …. The answers to THOSE questions we’ll cover in a post of our own very soon….

<Spoiler alert> It’s all about Product-Market-Fit